10+ Elegant Kitchen Ideas for a Small Kitchen

A few people would imply that the kitchen is the core of the house. The kitchen can unite the family or become an imaginative space. It can turn into an inspiring spot that supports and nurture the indwellers. Nevertheless, the kitchen can likewise turn into a space that nobody wants to visit off because it has an unfeasible or unaesthetic layout. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial to figure out what components would make a kitchen look elegant notwithstanding the size of the space, the financial limit, or absence of professional design training. We will assist you with finding the easiest and the most useful ideas for your kitchen makeover that would assist you in making your kitchen an exquisite space with the atmosphere of solace and unity:

So, How to Transform a Small Kitchen into an Elegant Space?

  1. White Color. White color in interior design has already become a classic. Even though it might sound too conservative but the white color in interior design is the epitome of elegance. White makes the room visually larger and creates a feeling of weightlessness. For example, the following picture shows an effective combination of white and seal kitchen tables and ergonomic design elements: 

  1. Practical Design. In case you have restricted space in your home, it is critical that the kitchen remains an elegant and practical spot. To accomplish this objective, you need to make sure that the kitchen pursues a similar design plan that the rest of your house. Simultaneously, the kitchen needs to consolidate the elements of elegance and tastefulness. For example, the following picture of the kitchen configuration mixes in superbly into the design pattern without trading off its pragmatic element:

  1. Laconic Element. Mono-colored space might be overwhelming for some people. Sometimes, it is crucial to add one laconic element of design (e.g. a colorful rag or curtains) to revive the space and add character to the kitchen space. As the following picture reveals, ivory kitchen cabinets can be harmonically paired with a rug that has a geometric print:

  1. Elegant Kitchen Table. Very often, limited space does not allow putting a full-fledged table in the kitchen. At the same time, a kitchen table can be crucial in terms of practicality and aesthetics of the space. Of course, it is possible to create an integrated bar counter, as it was shown in one of the previous images. However, other types of interior design would require different placement of the kitchen table. The image below shows the use of a foldable kitchen table, which is both practical and elegant:

  1. Flowers and Plants. Kitchen is all about joy and liveliness. What is the best way to make the kitchen more lively and elegant than to add several green plants or flowers in it? The choice and combination of different flowers might vary, yet, even one flower on the kitchen table can make a huge difference. For example, these two pictures illustrate this idea:
  1. Contrasting Color Combinations. To make the small kitchen to stand out and add elegance, it is possible to use contrasting color combinations in design. For example, the use of black and white color combination in design is a certified classic. While a sharp contrast would not suit a small room because it will make space smaller, few contrasting elements would create a particularly elegant atmosphere in the kitchen. For instance, elements of black appliances with white cabinets will benefit small kitchen:

  1. Original Kitchen Ceiling Lights. Correct design of kitchen ceiling is crucial, as it reflects the light in the room. Specifically, the use of navy or black colors for the ceiling can make the room smaller and darker, while white and ivory would elevate it. Application of an original ceiling light will add freshness to mono-colored kitchen design and will add points in elegance. The current photos show two interesting ideas for the ceiling lights in the kitchens that have urban design elements:

  1. Kitchen Accent Wall. Kitchen space is usually designed concerning the practical functions of this space. For example, many would use washable wallpapers or tiles to simplify the maintenance of this area and prevent the accumulation of dirt. This goal can also be attained by using a dark color for the accent wall in the kitchen. In this case, the kitchen would look b practical and elegant at the same time. The picture below shows the utilization of black color in the kitchen:

  1. Elegant Kitchen Hardware. If the space of the kitchen does not allow adding large contrasting elements, it is possible to make small accent changes that will make a major difference in the overall perception of the kitchen. For example, you can choose gold cabinet hardware that will make the kitchen particularly elegant and stylish. You can find white and black cabinets with gold hardware quite easily:

  1. Use of Wood Elements. Wood elements (or materials that imitate wood) can add the atmosphere of comfort and warmness. It is classic and practical material that looks elegant in the kitchen. Kitchens made of wood completely could look too bulky and cumbersome especially what concerns small rooms. However, a couple of wood elements in the kitchen can become the main accent. The following picture demonstrates the main idea:

Overall, you have to remember that elegance is a subjective concept that can combine the elements of classic and modern design. You can choose one or several ideas provided in this article, which will help you to create an elegant kitchen. The process of kitchen makeover without the professional designer can be challenging, yet, it is possible to use visual inspiration and use your own creativity.